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As ‘digital’ is ruling the marketing industry today, you are in need to be constantly in the loop with the next big thing. But hold on, what’re the FIRST FIVE BIG THINGS that you need to know about digital marketing? Stay with me till the end of this article to gain a full-fledged understanding of almost everything that you need to know before you get started in this industry. The idea that marketing, especially Digital Marketing is a hard nut to crack, is a MYTH, if you know these. Trust me, most of the digital marketers today do not know about or will not tell you about this secret marketing mix! So, here are the 5 rules to help you master digital marketing!

  1. ‘Marketing Done Right’ is Your Most Powerful Asset
  2. Traditional is the Veteran, Digital is the Future- Traditional vs Digital Marketing
  3. The CATT Funnel
  4. Integrated Digital Marketing
  5. The MassTrust Blueprint- Something that not a lot of people will tell you about 😉

With these, we’re drilling down to the bedrock of marketing! Now you will see how to make any marketing strategy successful.

Rule 1: ‘Marketing Done Right’ is Your Most Powerful Asset

Ever heard of Peter Drucker? He’s one of the greatest marketing pioneers of all time. He’s said that the main aim of marketing is to understand the customer and their needs so well so as to create a product that fits into that profile.

Confused? Say no more. Because I am going to make it easy for you.

Marketing starts way before a product is even created and goes on even beyond their successful sales. Research well about all that you’re planning to do. For successful market research, it is important that you understand the following in-and-out. This is the first of the 5 rules to master digital marketing.

Your niche or category: Identifying the best category where you can develop, place your product, and compete, is very crucial. Better known as the niche, this category is the sweet spot amongst Talent, Market, and Passion, and the niche that you choose should let you use your marketing skills the best and grow.

Work to be the number one in your niche. As I recently read somewhere, if you can’t be the best in your category, reconsider your category choice. Because truth to be told, the competition is really tough out there.

This would contribute to almost half of your marketing strategy success.

Your product: Visualise your product well. Know how to position it in the market as well as in the minds of the consumers. What are the Unique Selling Points of your product or business?

The market: Have a comprehensive understanding of your market. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your threats and opportunities? How is the competition for similar products in the market?

Your target audience: You should study your target audience thoroughly. Think of their pain points, understand their needs, and wants. Analyze how your product would suit their needs and would resolve their problems.

Now all these areas of research point right at the 4 P’s of Marketing- Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Read more about this invaluable Marketing Mix-4 P’s here.

Once you’ve charted these out with good research, then it’s all about sending the right message to the right people (your target audience) at the right time in the right way.

Now your product would sell itself! Yes. That’s the power of a great product.

Why do you need marketing now that your product is hitting huge sales, you might wonder. And that’s exactly why I mentioned, marketing goes beyond sales.

Marketing enhances your brand image. It gets your consumers and potential consumers to trust your business. You would want to constantly communicate with your consumers, build a relationship with them, get them to be loyal to your brand, and retain them!

Now think about it this way. Did you ever have to think twice before choosing Google to search for something that you want to immediately know about? That’s how powerfully Google amongst the tech giants has positioned themselves in the minds of the consumers as their go-to search engine. Well, you might not be able to be the next ‘Google’ right away, but what they have done is exactly how you should work on your product to give it a unique positioning in the market. Give the consumers what no one else has. And guess what, marketing helps you tremendously with this!

As I’ve already mentioned, your product by itself is much, much, much, more important than marketing. Marketing should establish a good momentum for the product and become less important in the later stages of product sales but be still subtly present, constantly reviving your product’s relationship with the consumers. An impeccable combination of a great product and adept marketing would convert customers into brand ambassadors and that will help your brand go a long, long way by boosting its longevity!

Effective communication is important. You need to tell your brand story to the consumers colorfully. Tell them what they need to know in a hooking and a simple, yet effective way. Think like they would think and join the conversation in their minds.

Rule 2: Traditional is the Veteran, Digital is the Future- Traditional vs Digital Marketing

I started this article off with a remark about going ‘digital.’ Indeed, the digital marketing industry is highly grossing today. Digital is the future. But how is digital marketing different from traditional marketing? Aren’t traditional methods of marketing still being used? Is traditional marketing insignificant or going to disappear? Well, the answer to all these questions that you might have, lies in understanding the purpose of your product or service.

If you want to target a wide spectrum of audiences with your product that is more generic, then you might want to opt for traditional marketing methods. Traditional Marketing is done through mass media like television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. Television marketing is on a much, much higher scale than digital marketing in terms of numbers. Instead, if you aim to reach a specific group of people having a specific set of needs and wants, digital marketing would serve you the best. Customized and personalized messages can be crafted and sent to your consumers using various methods of digital marketing like email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. It is said and proved that today, digital is the best medium to reach people today as everything is going digital- of course. Both have their own importance.

Digital medium also serves direct response ads better as it is easier here to measure the brand growth metrics that are beyond just brand awareness. Feedback is also much more accessible on the digital medium. For instance, you can mass-advertise a new hair-care product via any of the mass media. But on the digital medium, you can offer their hair-care product to be customized according to their hair texture, type, and problems, by simply filling up a Typeform. Taking feedback from them is easy too as constant one-to-one interaction is always possible there!

Rule 3: The CATT Funnel

This could be the most imperative aspect of all- The Content-Attention-Trust-Transaction Funnel. It’s not as complicated as it sounds.

My mentor, Digital Deepak has devised a million-dollar equation capable of creating wealth. And that is

[Wealth= n^CATT]

where n= Niche, C= Content, A=Attention, T=Trust, T=Transaction

The CATT Funnel encapsulates the entire process of guiding a consumer to your business and getting them to be your loyal consumer.

We already talked about the importance of finding your niche, the market that you’re aiming to tap. After that, create useful content that has a high potential to attract people from your niche. Good content is your asset. Then, drive attention to your content using SEO, Social media, Referrals, Paid ads, etc. Followingly, you need to then build trust with your audience using methods like retargeting and marketing automation if you want them to buy your product. Marketing entirely is a long-term trust-building process. Make your audience know that their needs are catered to with utmost care because what you have in mind is their happiness rather than simply revenue generation through sales. Lastly, these efforts of yours transact and convert leads to customers. If you get the CAT right, the final T happens effortlessly! The effectiveness of this process applied right will decide how much wealth you generate.

Rule 4: Integrated Digital Marketing

The CATT Funnel is executed with the help of the Integrated Digital Marketing Framework. This consists of six different elements that would work together to build and promote a brand in all the ways possible.

E-Mail Marketing: Can be used as a method of personalized marketing, to communicate to your audience or consumers about updates, follow-up stories, articles, webinars, etc.

Content Marketing: Content is King. Great and evergreen content will keep the intrigue-factor in your consumers’ minds burning. It tightens your relationship with your audience. Craft the best content that will speak to them in the right way will get them hooked and leaves them wanting more. The quality of your service is reflected in the quality of the content that you create.

Search Engine Optimization: Best white-hat SEO practices increase the visibility of your brand on the internet when they search for services related to your niche. (White-hat SEO refers to the usage of optimization strategies, techniques, and tactics that focus on a human audience as opposed to search engines and completely follows search engine rules and policies. Source:

Great SEO measures that would give you enough potential to rank higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs) are the usage of appropriate and relevant keywords, meta description tags, good and responsive landing page, optimized screen loading time, optimization of your content title and images for SEO, internal linking, etc.

There are several free and paid tools and software available that would help you manage your SEO. A few of them are SEMrush, Google Search Console, Moz Pro, and Majestic SEO.

Paid Advertising: Running paid advertisements gives you an immediate reach-boost for your content as they are highly targeted.

Social Media: This is where your consumers would gather and exchange feedback, reviews, and problems that they face about your product. Monitoring the social media presence and activity of your group of consumers helps you get a better view of what they honestly think of your product. Bloggers leave honest reviews, other consumers talk and comment on social media and these pieces of information could be very crucial for you as a marketer.

Sell & Convert: All these measures should lead you to effectively sell and convert your business, as shown in the chart above!

Rule 5: You’ll read about this nowhere else- the MassTrust Blueprint and the incredible power of Personal Branding

Why is it that the best known will always beat the best?

Why is Tiger Woods a bigger brand than his companies TGR Design and TGR Foundation? Talk about Elon Musk and Neil Patel and Amitabh Bacchan being high-valued brands all by themselves?

This is where the power of personal branding comes into play.

American business tycoon Warren Buffet has said that personal branding is not something that you create, but something you reveal. It is being a business-of-one and showing people how you use your skills to serve them. (Source:

A personal brand by itself isn’t a business and can’t be invested in and sold. But it has the great potential to give rise to businesses and brands with their influence. The strong online presence, huge fan-following, and power to network in-person that a personal brand has can be transferred to and made great use of to advocate and create a momentum for the companies that they run.

Your personal brand is built in six stages. Each of these stages flows and keeps flowing, forming what is known as the MassTrust Blueprint, an idea created by Digital Deepak.

It’d take eons to explain every stage to its deepest level, but let me give you a brief idea about what they are.

Learn: You learn a new skill by understanding concepts, remembering facts, and practicing procedures.

Work: You need to put your skills to work and implement them in real life for a better understanding.

Write/Blog: When you write, you understand it better, also your personal brand builds. When you combine your knowledge, understanding, and experiences and then create content using the power of this combination, then your content is strong, unique, and unbreakable. This gives you authority.

Consult: Consult other businesses instead of working for them. Let your skills be outsourced.

Mentor: Mentor others, this will help you scale your understanding to a whole new level. One measure of Mentoring= Consulting x 100, in terms of effort.

Startup: With the understanding of the market, the problems, and our own skills.

The circle of the MassTrust Blueprint never stops even if you’re thriving in a field. This loop is comparable to the loop of learning: you always keep learning.

So yes, that’s it with the five laws that I kept talking about, which will lay a good foundation for any marketing strategy.

As long as the human race continues to make wonders with their creative-thinking minds, marketing shall not expire. It is rooted in human psychology. No machine can ever be programmed to make such meaningful conversations with human beings. If carefully studied and executed, marketing is the most valuable investment. It is indeed an art. Becoming a digital marketer and succeeding as one are different from each other. The latter is the one who has mastered the art, the former just beats around the bush looking for short-term benefits. But now that you’ve reached the end of this article, you have, as I promised, walked yourself through the secret marketing mix that will help you become a master. Now you’re all set to go.

Thus, the idea that Digital Marketing is a hard nut to crack, is a myth. Now, do you agree with me on this? Let me know in the comments section below! Keep yourself posted here to read my next article, something that you would not want to miss reading about another secret in digital marketing!

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